Paratta. Desi Street Food.

LA's premium halal desi street food experience
On hiatus while we work on our sit-down restaurant!

Special Announcement

Special Announcement

To all the Desi street food lovers out there, we have an exciting, yet bittersweet, announcement to make. Paratta is taking a temporary hiatus from our takeaway kitchen and food truck in order to pour all of our time, energy and creativity into the next phase of bringing you the premium Desi street food experience you deserve: a Paratta sit-down restaurant.

Who is Paratta?

Paratta is a modern Desi food experience, bringing an authentic and premium South Asian street food experience to the masses. Our name comes from the flaky, buttery lachha paratha that we use to wrap our rolls, always made in-house.

We pride ourselves in where our food is from and how it gets raised, and that's why we only use 101% halal-certified meat along with the freshest and finest ingredients.


LA, California